Annual Report 2016

An eventful year.
A look back at the world of Geberit in 2016.

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1 January

Ringing in the New Year with a joint sales organisation

Following the acquisition of the ceramics manufacturer Sanitec, work continues towards further advancing the integration process. A joint presence of the two sales teams represents a key step here. The uniform sales organisation commenced operations at the turn of the year.

Debut in Vienna
26 January

An impressive appearance at Aquatherm

Silent-Pro makes its first major appearance at the Austrian trade fair Aquatherm, where the highly sound-insulating drainage plug-in system absolutely enthrals those in attendance. The sophisticated, installation-friendly design of the fittings, the low-resonance product material and the outstanding acoustic properties of the new pipe brackets impress the experts visiting the fair.

4 February

Geberit presents its new products for 2016

Geberit products are synonymous with innovation and quality. These values are also reflected in the new products being launched this year. Discover our new products in the picture gallery.

A new era is born
17 February

AquaClean Mera production at the Geberit plant in Wesel

Since the beginning of the year, the Geberit AquaClean Mera has been manufactured at the ceramics plant in the German city of Wesel. On three work surfaces, the slip is cast in designated production moulds and the ceramic parts are later joined together while still in a malleable state. The ceramic appliances then undergo a quality inspection. When there are no longer any flaws, the glaze is applied and the appliance is then fired in the furnace for 22 hours at a temperature of around 1,230 °C.

A glass-roofed railway station
23 February

An impressive roof structure made of steel and glass – and featuring Geberit Pluvia

Featuring diamond-shaped elements, the 120-metre-long, 96-metre-wide glass roof extends over the platforms of Den Haag Centraal railway station at a height of 22 metres. Reliable drainage is an absolute must for a roof with such dimensions. The Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system ensures this while also offering architects and planners the greatest possible creative freedom.

Award winners
7 March

Top marks from the jury of the iF Design Award

Geberit is a triple winner of this year’s iF Design Award. The jury awarded the shower toilet Geberit AquaClean Mera, the new Geberit urinal Preda and the piping system Geberit Silent-Pro with the coveted prize.

Everything going to plan
15 March

Geberit with excellent results for the year

Despite a challenging environment, Geberit manages to achieve a good overall result and further consolidate its position as the leading supplier of sanitary products in Europe. For example, 2015 sees net sales increase by 24.2% to CHF 2,593.7 million. Net income adjusted for special effects in connection with the Sanitec acquisition falls by 1.1% to CHF 493.1 million, with an adjusted return on sales of 19.0%.

Hastings Pier
21 March

Revival of a landmark

On 5 October 2010, a fire almost completely destroyed Hastings Pier – the famous landmark of the English coastal town of the same name. Only the structural framework survived the flames. Soon afterwards, the pier was declared a restricted zone due to the imminent danger of collapse. Because a sustainable financing solution was lacking, the days appeared numbered for the historically important pier. Six years later, the pier is now shining in new splendour. With all the gas pipes being from Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel, Geberit contributed important know-how to the resurrection of this historic landmark.

Live demo
24 March

A visit to the newest Geberit plant

A factory tour organised by Geberit Adriatics takes place in the new production plant in the Slovenian town of Ruše. The invited representatives from wholesalers and other customers are particularly captivated by the waste water tower, a structure that can be used to demonstrate the benefits of Geberit solutions very effectively.

6 April

Shareholders elect new member of the Board of Directors

903 shareholders meet for the 17th General Meeting at the Grünfeld sports hall in Rapperswil-Jona and look back on a good financial year. Regi Aalstad is confirmed as a new member of the Board of Directors with a vast majority. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Albert M. Baehny and all members of the Board of Directors standing for re-election for a further term also achieve excellent results during the re-election. Furthermore, all the proposals submitted by the Board of Directors are approved.

Right across Europe
13 April

On the road with the AquaClean truck

The AquaClean truck is on the road once again this summer and stopping off in several European cities, with the shower toilets taking centre stage and carrying out the important task of convincing people of the benefits of cleaning with water. Many visitors stop in front of the truck to take a look at the showroom models and learn about cleaning with water. Inside, visitors are treated to an interactive tour featuring a shower spray test and the familiar faces from the popular shower toilet advert “My first time”.

27 April

The AquaClean Mera shower toilet wins prize for customer event

Last year, Geberit presented the new shower toilet AquaClean Mera in different markets. In Denmark, the product launch is artistically staged in a culinary setting under the motto “Cleaning with water”. The shower toilet’s unusual product launch at the top-class restaurant Noma in Copenhagen is well received – so well, in fact, that it not only impressed the guests in attendance, but also won over the jury of the Danish Events and Meetings Awards 2016 around a year later, winning the “Best External Case” award.

Panda city
28 April

Event series throughout China

In the city of Chengdu, known as the home of the giant panda, Geberit China invites customers to a very special event featuring the motto “Anywhere – Swiss Quality Close to You”. The participating interior designers are treated to an interesting programme that – in addition to an opening speech and a discussion on bathroom renovation – also includes a presentation of Geberit’s new products. Twenty-two similar events will be carried out by the end of the year.

Training in Switzerland
10 May

The basic course gives new employees an insight into the world of Geberit

Employees who are qualified, motivated and happy are a tremendous asset to a company, a fact that Geberit understands well. To ensure that this remains the case, Geberit invites all new employees to Switzerland to attend a one-week basic course within their first few months of joining. In addition to presentations on core topics and the specialist fields, they are also given an insight into the company’s history and culture. They also have the opportunity to exchange views with their new colleagues, get to know the product range and not only get a feel of the various products, but also see them in action at various stations.

Building of the future
23 May

Switzerland now home to a modular research and innovation building

Opened in the small Swiss town of Dübendorf, “NEST” offers research institutes and innovative companies from the construction industry the unique opportunity to test new technologies, materials and systems under real-life conditions. The modular units in the building can be easily changed depending on the test situation. In order to ensure that this can happen according to the “plug and play” principle, numerous Geberit products were also installed.

In the words of the designer
26 May

An interview with Christoph Behling

It all began with the Sigma20 actuator plate. Since then, numerous other products have been successfully launched where Christoph Behling was instrumental in the design process. It is therefore high time to ask the creative talent to step in front of the camera and hear what he has to say about his work, his inspiration and the hurdles that have to be overcome on the way.

Well equipped
8 June

Reliable roof drainage with Geberit Pluvia

During a once-in-a-century period of extreme rainfall, roof drainage systems are pushed to their limits and have to drain off the accumulated volumes of water both quickly and reliably. On the roof of the extension to the Geberit logistics centre at the Pfullendorf site, such an event would mean an impressive 74,000 litres per minute – a volume that Geberit Pluvia, a Geberit roof drainage system that works on the basis of negative pressure, can cope with. The system – including emergency drainage – comprises 140 roof outlets as well as 2,942 metres of PE pipes.

Flushing without water
17 June

Computer simulations - a key feature of product development at Geberit

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be used to examine the flow characteristics of components – both individually and in combination with one another. Therefore, the flow patterns and turbulence as well as the pressure and velocity distribution in pipes, connections, valves and sanitary appliances can be analysed and improved in a targeted fashion.

Made in Tyrol
22 June

Prefabricated bathrooms for emergency accommodation

Geberit Huter has installed a number of prefabricated bathrooms for emergency accommodation at a refugee accommodation centre in the Austrian municipality of Kirchbichl. Easy installation, less maintenance work, a sturdy design and convincing products are some of the key reasons why the municipality opted for the prefabricated bathrooms from Geberit Huter.

4 July

Geberit product catalogue in 100 versions

Geberit is producing its product catalogues again in-house – a project that takes just two years to complete from start to finish. During this time, product managers, technical authors and systems engineers worked closely together updating the data for thousands upon thousands of individual products. Over 100 catalogue versions are due to be published in 30 different languages as early as 2017.

Under the Californian sun
9 July

An emigrant reaches for the stars

Reto Kaufmann, a newly qualified master craftsman, seized his opportunity. In autumn 2005, he enters the lottery for a coveted Green Card for the United States – and ends up a lucky winner. What then follows is a real success story. Initially employed as a service plumber, he starts up his own business in the Californian city of Palm Springs after a few years. Thanks to good self-marketing, he soon has a loyal client base. His good reputation pays off and ensures that he is inundated with new jobs. Indeed, he now employs up to five plumbers during the peak season.

A haven of relaxation
19 July

A tropical eye-catcher in Singapore’s business district

The 27-storey Oasia Hotel Down­town has 314 mod­ern dou­ble rooms and suites. Its strik­ing red fa­cade is adorned by 21 dif­fer­ent species of climb­ing plant, with four green ter­races on var­i­ous lev­els cre­at­ing a haven of re­lax­ation in­side the build­ing.

Investment in the future
28 July

Geberit Ukraine invests in plumber training

In collaboration with the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and thanks to technical support from Geberit, the workshops at six vocational schools were renovated and equipped with up-to-date teaching materials, modern tools and state-of-the-art sanitary technology. At the vocational schools, the prospective plumbers can now benefit from professional and modern training.

Territory expanded
10 August

Geberit International Sales AG opens office in Nigeria

Geberit International Sales AG was founded in 2005 and is therefore a relatively new company within the Geberit Group. The subsidiary’s mission is to assist with the establishment of Geberit sales offices in selected countries outside Europe. Today, around 200 employees work in the Middle East and Africa as well as in other countries on behalf of Geberit International Sales AG. A new Geberit office is now being opened in Nigeria.

Good results
16 August

Pleasing half-year figures for Geberit

The Geberit Group posted very good results for the first half of 2016. Overall, net sales increased by 13.2% to CHF 1,479.8 million in the first six months of the year. Acquisition- and currency-adjusted net sales improved by 6.7%. The adjusted operating profit increased by 19.9% to CHF 390.4 million and adjusted net income grew by 23.6% to CHF 333.2 million. The Sanitec integration is proceeding according to plan.

All-time high
29 August

Geberit Group share price reaches record level

The Geberit share has never before been traded for a price as high as on this summer’s day – namely at 434.10 Swiss francs. From the start to the end of the year, the share will achieve growth of 20%, while the SMI – which represents the 20 largest and most liquid stocks on the Swiss market – will drop by 6.8% in the same period.

3D architecture
1 September

Digital building planning with BIM

Comprehensive and networked building planning can be implemented with the interdisciplinary planning method BIM. As part of this, all construction-related building data is stored centrally in a virtual model. As a result, everyone involved in the construction project can use the model remotely and retrieve up-to-date information relevant to them at any time. Due to growing demand, Geberit provides BIM data for its product range in the form of market-specific packets that can be downloaded.

A pit stop of a different kind
3 September

Mobile shower toilet facilities in action

The best drivers meet up in Monza each year to pit their skills against one another on the famous Italian racetrack. While the lean, mean racing machines rush past the stands at lightning speed, things are that bit more leisurely in the VIP area, which features four mobile shower toilet stations from Geberit AquaClean. The campaign goes down a treat, with the toilets visited by hundreds of people during the two race days.

A step forward
30 September

Expansion of the logistics centre in Pfullendorf

The logistics centre in Pfullendorf is currently undergoing an expansion that will see the complex in the south of Germany receive seven new building sections. By expanding the facilities, Geberit is forging ahead with the centralisation of logistics while at the same time significantly expanding the storage capacities. The new features include an automated small-parts warehouse, a second high-bay warehouse and a warehouse for the Mapress pipes from the plant in Langenfeld (DE), which are known in logistics parlance as “long goods”.

A wave-shaped landmark
5 October

Lisbon home to a new museum

On 5 October, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) opened its doors in Lisbon’s Belém district. The facade of the wave-shaped building consists of 15,000 ceramic tiles and captures Lisbon’s diverse lighting conditions perfectly. The arch facing the Tagus provides visitors with some very welcome shading, while the accessible roof cuts a fine figure as a stage with a panoramic view.

Next stop: Warsaw
10 October

A special assignment for Geberit apprentices

The social project 2016 adventure sees ten Geberit apprentices, a technical manager and a supervisor set off for “Żwirki i Wigury”, a primary school that was built in the Polish city of Warsaw in 1949. During their two-week assignment, the apprentices roll up their sleeves and get to work on renovating the sanitary facilities, which are currently in very poor condition due to financial constraints.

23 October

Using the AquaClean Sela to play a practical joke

While mummy is taking the dog for a walk, the Norwegian blogger Peter Kihlman and his kids decide to play a trick on her. The children make a beeline for the bathroom and steal the AquaClean Sela’s remote control. When mummy goes to the toilet after returning from her walk, the rest of the family gather outside the room. What follows is a comedy in three acts: giggling, a button being pressed and a loud scream. As can be seen from their faces, both the children and daddy seem to thoroughly enjoy their successful prank.

Change of perspective
8 November

Nepalese plumbers on a visit to Switzerland

Padam and Bhu Bikram, two Nepalese plumbers, spend a week in Switzerland as part of the “Change of Perspective” project from Geberit and the Swiss development organisation Helvetas. During their stay, they accompany two fellow plumbers from Switzerland to various building sites, where they gain new impressions and insights that will prove useful back home. A visit to Geberit’s headquarters in Rapperswil-Jona is also on the agenda. The visitors return home impressed by the new world they have experienced – just as inspired as the two Swiss plumbers were after returning from their visit to Nepal a few weeks earlier.

Industrial chic
17 November

Toilet facilities at Skaters Palace undergo an unusual renovation

Since 1993, Skaters Palace in Münster (DE) has been a popular venue for young people to live out their passion for skateboarding. However, heavy use over the years meant that the sanitary facilities had seen better days. The renovated facilities boast a fairly unusual solution, which was created by completely filling the prewall – which consists of the Geberit GIS system – with concrete. To en­sure that the industrial look had an authentic feel, the concrete was not plastered.

Nepalese mountain air
21 November

A Nepalese village receives a drinking water system

The WARM (Water Resources Management) project from the Swiss development organisation Helvetas sees local villages in western Nepal receive support with the construction of drinking water supply and sanitation systems. As a long-standing partner of Helvetas, Geberit is not only providing financial support here – the company is also sending 17 volunteers from the company to Nepal for two weeks to learn about and actively take part in the projects.

Nordic style
26 November

Scandinavian design by Knud Holscher

In a nutshell, the ceramic appliances designed by Knud Holscher would be best described as being timeless, practical and of high quality. He has helped shape the design of the Scandinavian brands Ifö and Ido over the past 30 years like no other person. The Danish designer keeps his finger on the pulse and, more importantly, appeals to the taste of customers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Sound design
5 December

Modulated sounds in the shower toilet

The goal of a sound designer is to modulate sounds in such a way that they match the function and – if required – convey important information. But how do you get this information? The evaluation of a recent study sheds more light on this topic. This allows taste ranges and preferences to be defined and sounds to be modified accordingly. However, before sounds can be modified, you need to know precisely how and where they develop and which components affect the sound quality. The sound designer also plays a role here.

A sparkling diamond
11 December

Revitalisation of the Antwerp docklands

The Port House – the new headquarters of the Antwerp Port Authority – stands out primarily due to its diamond-shaped superstructure. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the striking building serves as a link between the city and the port and brings together 500 of the authority’s 1,650 employees.

Energy conservation
16 December

Energy savings thanks to a new combustion technology

Having been coated with a glaze, the ceramic appliances take their final shape in the tunnel kilns at the Geberit ceramics plants. A temperature of around 1,200 degrees Celsius is required for the mixture of clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz to harden as desired. In five of these kilns, a new technology is now used that can reduce energy consumption by around 20 per cent. This energy-saving technology will be a Group-wide standard by 2018.