Annual Report 2016

Brilliant minds

Wide-ranging knowledge

More than 50 employees work in the Technology & Innovation department at Geberit. Here are some of them. They represent all the professions currently found in this area. Which professions these are is revealed by the engineers, technologists, scientists and specialists themselves at the click of a mouse.

Brilliant minds
Wide-ranging knowledge
Markus Tanner
Building Service Engineer
Gerhard Gielenz
Polymer Physicist
Samuel Pasteur
Lothar Stockmann
Development Engineer
Ulysses Willi
Electrical Engineer
Adrian Bürge
Marianne Krüger
Master Chemist
Felix Klaiber
Natural Scientist
Rolf Weiss
Mechanical Engineer Simulation
Georg Taubert
Supply Engineer
Abdullah Oengoeren
Mechanical Engineer
Ari Tervala
Patent Lawyer
David Oswald
Master Sanitary Installer
Oliver Wolff
Building Physicist
Mario Studer
Plastics Technologist
Cornelia Pfaffenroth
Thomas Mattle
Plastics Engineer
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