Surprise, surprise

A technical function is truly intelligent when it seems to appear out of nowhere to show what it’s made of. The Mera is packed to the brim with such functions.

Anita Peter, Development Engineer

Ingenious solution

The spray functionality has to be thorough, pleasant and economical. Our innovative shower spray combines these three apparently contradictory virtues in exemplary fashion.

Armin Gierer, Head of Product Line Geberit AquaClean

Warm from the get-go

Can you imagine having an immediate and constant supply of warm water at the right intensity? Our hybrid hot water system delivers the perfect result while even saving electricity.

Simon Bachmann, Development Engineer


How do we utilize the full energy of the water?
By systematically using the basic principles of physics to our advantage – as can be seen inside the asymmetrical ceramic appliance.

Hansjörg Rohr, Head Product Development Appliances

Our masterpiece

We in sales are the first who need to be convinced by a new development. The Mera quickly won us over despite our initial reservations.

Martin Dörr, Head of Sales at Geberit AquaClean Germany

Concentrated know-how

The Geberit AquaClean brand has become a byword for shower toilets in recent years. More and more people – particularly in the core European markets – swear by the gentle cleaning with water offered by the shower toilet. The ongoing cultural change seen in Western bathrooms is possible thanks to a product range that skillfully combines apparent contradictions: sophisticated comfort functions that do not compromise on design for one part, thorough cleanliness that does not negatively affect the environment for the other.

Design, comfort, cleanliness and ecological sustainability – these four key aspects also guided the latest project carried out by the developers at the Swiss headquarters. An interdisciplinary team of engineers, materials scientists, sanitary professionals and draftsmen was responsible for developing the top model – the AquaClean Mera. The results of their work – namely timeless elegance coupled with revolutionary comfort technology – can be seen and felt with every use.

The Geberit AquaClean Mera is a masterpiece in function and design.