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My Annual Report 2014

Below you can find the complete Annual Report 2014 as well as single chapter PDF files and Excel tables for download. Select the icon on the right to add assorted pages or chapters to your personal Annual Report collection. Select the icon to remove them again.
Business report  
Editorial  PDF (40 KB)
Highlights 2014  PDF (986 KB)
Geberit Share Information  PDF (45 KB)
Management structure as of January 1, 2015  PDF (74 KB)
Business and financial review  PDF (413 KB)
Corporate Governance  PDF (229 KB)
Remuneration Report  PDF (168 KB)
Values by which Geberit lives  
An icon of reliability  PDF (1.1 MB)
Learning is a lifelong process  PDF (628 KB)
Concentrated know-how  PDF (306 KB)
Quality pipes – made in Europe  PDF (964 KB)
Geberit apprentices in India  PDF (1.1 MB)
An exemplary metal titan  PDF (726 KB)
Financial report  
Highlights 2014  PDF (24 KB)
Consolidated Financial Statements Geberit Group  PDF (296 KB)
Financial Statements Geberit AG  PDF (70 KB)
CEO Statement on sustainability  PDF (134 KB)
Sustainability Strategy  PDF (123 KB)
Materiality analysis  PDF (139 KB)
Communication on Progress UN Global Compact  PDF (148 KB)
Stakeholder Panel  PDF (647 KB)
Sustainability Performance Report  PDF (1.5 MB)
Key figures sustainability  PDF (69 KB)
10-year key figures environment  XLS (48 KB)
Geberit Group  Excel tables (.xls)  
10-year key figures  XLS (18 KB)
Balance sheets  XLS (16 KB)
Income statements  XLS (15 KB)
Statements of comprehensive income  XLS (15 KB)
Statements of changes in equity  XLS (15 KB)
Statements of cashflows  XLS (16 KB)
Management of capital  XLS (14 KB)
Trade accounts receivable  XLS (14 KB)
Other current assets and current financial assets  XLS (14 KB)
Inventories  XLS (13 KB)
Property, plant and equipment  XLS (15 KB)
Other non-current assets and non-current financial assets  XLS (14 KB)
Goodwill and intangible assets  XLS (15 KB)
Short term debt  XLS (13 KB)
Other current provisions and liabilities  XLS (14 KB)
Long-term debt  XLS (13 KB)
Deferred tax assets and liabilities  XLS (16 KB)
Other non-current provisions and liabilities  XLS (13 KB)
Earnings per share  XLS (14 KB)
Other operating expenses, net  XLS (13 KB)
Financial result, net  XLS (13 KB)
Income tax expenses  XLS (14 KB)
Net cashflow  XLS (14 KB)
Segment reporting  XLS (14 KB)
Foreign exchange rates  XLS (14 KB)
Geberit AG  Excel tables (.xls)  
Appropriation available earnings  XLS (13 KB)
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