CEO Statement
on sustainability
Having a corporate culture that is guided by the principles of sustainability is both a tradition and an obligation for Geberit. This will also remain so in future and following the integration of Sanitec. We will aim to continue to set standards in terms of water-saving products, energy-efficient production, solutions in green building and through our social engagement.
Water is
our element
Developing water-saving products has always been a key task at Geberit. Even in cases where nearly 100% of the water consumption is attributable to the usage phase, we strive to use this valuable resource even more economically both in terms of our products and in production.
The new way of reporting on sustainability focuses on providing information on the most important aspects: Be it economic performance, energy and water consumption, or occupational safety – we have identified the key issues from the area of sustainability in collaboration with external experts, which we report in a clear and comprehensible manner.
For over 20 years, sustainability has been much more than just a buzzword at Geberit. In a comprehensive sustainability strategy, we define targets and measures – and provide information on what has been achieved in a transparent and coherent manner.
Energy saving, increased energy efficiency and the expansion of the share of renewable energy sources – these are the pillars of our CO2 strategy. The fact that we consistently pursue our highly ambitious goals is highlighted by the figures: Despite currency-adjusted sales growth of 39%, electricity consumption is lower at the end of 2014 than it was in 2006.
Stakeholder panel
In 2014, Geberit convened an external stakeholder panel for the second time. The experts from various fields carefully examined our sustainability strategy, the materiality analysis and sustainability reporting before providing a valuable outsider’s view.