A sparkling clean start

During installation, yellow plugs made of low density polyethylene reliably protect the interior of the concealed cisterns from construction dust and foreign substances.

Quiet and dry

Insulation made of expanded polystyrene prevents condensation from forming and also has a sound-absorbing effect.

Stable and stainless

The Geberit installation elements for concealed cisterns feature solid feet made of corrosion-resistant die-cast zinc.

Once blue, always blue

The mounting frame has a robust powder coating. RAL 5002 is the name of the unmistakable ultramarine blue tone.


As strong as an ox

The welded mounting frame made of steel sections is designed so that a toilet mounted on it can bear a load of up to 400 kg – the equivalent of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Built-in water savings

The valve for the tried-and-tested dual flush is designed to handle at least 200,000 flushes and is continuously subjected to extremely tough endurance tests.

Ready for an upgrade

If a Geberit AquaClean shower toilet is to be installed, the water supply line can be routed through this conduit pipe and thus remains hidden.

Seamless and leakproof

The tank is manufactured in one single step using the extrusion blow molding process and is completely seamless. Every cistern is tested to ensure that it is one hundred percent leakproof.


Power at the ready

Comfort functions such as odor extraction and touchless flush actuation require electricity. Geberit installation technology ensures that a connection is available.

Open to everyone

In crime movies, jewels and dollar bills are sometimes hidden behind this opening. However, it is actually intended for plumbers on the rare occasions when servicing is required.

Slim or slimmer

A standard Geberit concealed cistern is a slim 12 cm. For the Australian market, there is a 7.5 cm version that pushes the concept of slim to the limit.

An icon of reliability

In 1964, the owners of Geberit made a far-sighted decision and gave the green light for the mass production of the world’s first WC cistern made of plastic for installation behind the wall – the concealed cistern was born. And this at a time where the world of sanitary technology was characterized by heavy lead, iron and copper pipes. Items made of plastic were still widely considered to be of inferior quality.

Plumbers were therefore somewhat hesitant in accepting the new cistern. Not so the architects and sanitary engineers! The idea of concealing the cistern and water supply lines behind the wall fitted in perfectly with their concept of modern living.

With well over 60 million units installed over the past 50 years, it would be fair to say that Geberit concealed cisterns have well and truly proven their quality and reliability. Plumbers know from experience that a Geberit cistern made of polyethylene is virtually indestructible, which is why concealed cisterns have become the standard in modern residential construction. As market leader, Geberit has a suitable model for virtually every construction situation.

As concealed cisterns are designed for a very long service life, Geberit guarantees the availability of spare parts for 25 years for all function-related components.

The concealed cisterns that were to be replaced in the Hotel Eiger in the Swiss resort of Grindelwald were not broken – just old. Not far shy of their 50th birthday, the cisterns were replaced by new ones as part of comprehensive renovation work on the hotel rooms. The sanitary specialists were completely taken aback by the quality of the installations behind the wall.