Annual Report 2016


The essentials of the year under review

  • The chairman on business year
  • Brief profile
    European leader in the field of sanitary products
    We achieve sustained improvement in the quality of people’s lives with innovative solutions in the field of sanitary products.
    33 specialised
    production plants in 14 different countries
    Around 12,000
    employees in around 50 countries
    8 product areas
    in 3 product lines
    The foundation of our brand
    The four pillars of our strategy
    • Focus on sanitary products
    • Commitment to innovation and design
    • Selective geographic expansion
    • Continuous optimisation of business processes
  • Key figures
    EBITDA reaches highest ever level in Geberit’s history
    74% of waste recycled
    Organic, currency adjusted net sales growth of +6.4%
    Attractive payout ratio of
    New all-time high of the Geberit share of CHF 434.10
    Occupational safety significantly improved
    88% of all managerial positions filled with internal candidates
    Just under 700 products awarded the WELL label
    22,600 million cubic metres of water saved since 1998 thanks to dual-flush and flush-stop cisterns
    Top marks in global employee survey
    Increase in adjusted earnings per share of 19.8%
    More than 30,000 customers provided with trainings at 25 Geberit information centres
    Increase in free cashflow of CHF 563,9 million
    Code of Conduct signed by more than 90% of all suppliers
    Social projects involving over
    100 Geberit apprentices
    since 2008
    Substantial reduction in
    CO2 emissions
    Around 90,000 customers became more familiar with Geberit products at external events
    5% of net sales invested in property and intangible assets
    Very solid equity ratio of 45.4%
    37.7% of electricity from renewable energy sources