Notes to the Financial Statements

1.1 Guarantees, assets pledged in favor of third parties

1.2 Significant investments

1.3 Share capital

1.4 Capital contribution reserves

1.5 Treasury shares

1.6 Shareholdings of members of the board of directors and of the group executive board

1.7 Significant shareholders

1.8 Derivatives

1.9 Additional information

2. Other Disclosures required by the law

Proposal for the Appropriation of Available Earnings

Proposal by the Board of Directors to the General Meeting:

Appropriation available earnings

  2014 2013
Available earnings    
Net income 301,351,042 400,539,406
Balance brought forward 15,092,694 8,041,491
Total available earnings 316,443,736 408,580,897
Transfer to free reserves 0 110,000,000
Proposed/paid dividend 312,706,044 283,488,203
Balance to be carried forward 3,737,692 15,092,694
Total appropriation of available earnings 316,443,736 408,580,897

Dividend payments

The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of CHF 8.30 per share (PY: CHF 7.50). The dividend payment is subject to withholding tax.

The number of shares with dividend rights will change if the number of shares held by Geberit AG changes. The Board of Directors may adapt the total amount of the proposed dividend to the number of shares with dividend rights at the General Meeting.