6. Participatory rights of the shareholders

6.1 Voting rights and representation restrictions

The voting right may be exercised only if the shareholder is recorded as a voting shareholder in the share register of Geberit AG. Treasury shares held by the company do not entitle the holder to vote.

Shareholders can be represented at the General Meeting only by their legal representative, another voting shareholder or the independent proxy in accordance with the company’s Articles of Incorporation. The company recognizes only one representative per share.

The Board of Directors determines the requirements concerning powers of attorney and instructions in accordance with the legal provisions and can issue regulations to this effect.

For limitations on transferability and nominee registrations, see  Corporate governance, capital structure.

6.2 Quorums required by the Articles of Incorporation

The company’s Articles of Incorporation do not stipulate any resolutions of the General Meeting that can be passed only by a larger majority than that envisaged by law.

6.3/6.4 Convocation of the General Meeting of Shareholders/agenda

The General Meeting is convened by the Board of Directors at the latest 20 days before the date of the meeting. No resolutions may be passed on any subject not announced in this context. Applications to convene an extraordinary General Meeting or for the performance of a special audit are exempt from this rule. Shareholders representing shares with a par value of CHF 4,000 may demand inclusion of items on the agenda. Such requests must be made at least 45 days prior to the General Meeting in writing by stating the items of the agenda and the motions.

Furthermore, one or more shareholders representing together at least 3% of the share capital may jointly request that an extraordinary General Meeting is called. This is made in writing by indicating the agenda items and the motion, and in the case of elections the names of the proposed candidates.

6.5 Inscriptions into the share register

In the invitation to the General Meeting, the Board of Directors will announce the cut-off date for inscription into the share register that is authoritative with respect to the right to participate and vote.