Highlights of the business year 2020


Successful despite pandemic

Despite the restrictions enforced due to COVID-19, the supply chain remained intact. Thanks to the outstanding flexibility of the employees, it was largely possible to avoid short-term work and thus financial support from the state. The most important insight: Geberit has proven its crisis resistance. Learn more

Putting customers first

COVID-19 led to a reduction in face-to-face contacts. The customer consultants dealt with this challenge with aplomb: By exploiting the technical possibilities to the full – from phone support through to virtual team meetings – the overall number of customer contacts increased by 9%. Learn more

More design options

The elegant actuator plates Sigma50 (curved buttons) and Sigma21 (round buttons enclosed in metal) are now available in a new range of high-quality materials – red gold, brass and black chrome for the buttons and concrete, slate and walnut for the plates. Learn more

A focus on the environment

The long-term sustainability strategy has been constantly developed over the years and has seen some notable successes: Since the acquisition of the ceramics business in 2015, Geberit has improved its relative environmental impact by 35%. Learn more

Maximum productivity

The innovative connection elements (pressfittings) for the new FlowFit piping system are manufactured in a single, fully automated pass – from injection moulding and parts assembly all the way through to packaging. Thanks to mobile assembly modules, the production lines can be refitted in a matter of minutes. Learn more

Major gesture

With the MÉCA, the port city of Bordeaux on France’s Atlantic coast now has a new landmark. Designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) from Denmark, the building offers ample space for exhibitions, events, studios and workshops, and is equipped with public sanitary facilities that are easy to care for. Learn more

Uniform, strong brand presence

The brand harmonisation continued in three further markets in 2020 and was completed successfully. In more than 2,000 showrooms, over 25,000 ceramic sanitary appliances from the brands Allia (France), Pozzi-Ginori (Italy) and Sphinx (the Netherlands) were replaced with Geberit products. Learn more

Social commitment in action

Geberit regularly awards assembly and packaging work to workshops for people with disabilities. In 2020, this work amounted to around CHF 9 million and gave around 500 people meaningful work. Learn more


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