1. Introduction

Geberit’s sustainability reporting is fully integrated in the online Annual Report, as it has been for some years. The company’s systematic and transparent communication on the subject of sustainability is addressed to a range of target groups, including customers and partners, investors, the general public and company employees. Overall, Geberit thus wishes to demonstrate to its stakeholders and shareholders the many and sustainable ways in which it creates added value. To this end, information is made available at different levels:

Since 2006, a sustainability performance report has been presented annually in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In this reporting year, Geberit has once again implemented the “Comprehensive” option of the GRI Standards. For the reporting on waste (GRI 306: 2020), the standard updated by GRI in 2020 was used. For the Materiality Disclosures Service, the GRI inspected whether the GRI Content Index is clearly presented and the references for disclosures GRI 102-40 to GRI 102-49 match the corresponding parts of the report. For details on the successful inspection, see GRI label in the GRI Content Index. The Report is available in German and English. The German version is binding. A SASB Content Index was also created for the first time for this reporting year.

As prescribed by the GRI, a Materiality analysis based on the aspects defined by the GRI was the strategic starting point. Geberit consulted an external Stakeholder Panel for the fifth time in 2020. Its mandate consisted of providing feedback on the materiality analysis, sustainability performance, sustainability strategy and sustainability communication as well as on opportunities and risks associated with climate change. The external panel summarised the results in a panel statement. The response from Geberit to the panel statement illustrates how the recommendations are being taken into consideration in the further development of the sustainability strategy and reporting.


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