Changes in Group structure

The Geberit Group’s management structure was adapted to the changed conditions as a consequence of the integration of the ceramics business. With effect from 1 January 2017, product management was reorganised and structured as follows:

  • Bathroom Systems – comprises bathroom ceramics and furniture, ceramics complementary products such as showers, bathtubs and washbasins made of other materials, waste fittings and traps, taps and electronic flushing systems as well as shower toilets
  • Installation and Flushing Systems – comprises installation systems as well as cisterns and mechanisms
  • Piping Systems – comprises building drainage and supply systems (unchanged)

The goal of this structural change is to organise product management according to the required development competencies and at the same time align it even better to customer needs. Linked to this is the aspiration to launch products that convince thanks to both their exceptional design and their customary high degree of functionality.

Apart from diverse changes as a result of the Sanitec integration and the divestment of the Varicor Group, there were no significant changes to the legal structure of the Geberit Group (see also Financial Statements of the Geberit Group, Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, 2. Changes in Group structure) and 33. Group companies as of 31 December 2017.