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Geberit AG, Rapperswil-Jona;
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EQS Group AG, München

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MADE Identity AG, Zurich


Ben Huggler, Simon Nagel (Image story); © Vitra Design Museum, Norbert Miguletz (Insight „Geberit meets Vitra“); Ben Huggler (Insight „Robot ballet“); Geberit International AG (Insight „ Take a stroll“); Ben Huggler (Insight „ Ceramics expertise“); Fotogloria/Anurag Banerjee and City Corporation Ltd. (Insight „Premiere for SuperTube “); Geberit International AG (Insight „Indian innovation“); Ben Huggler, Stefan Schmid, Stefan Thurmann (Insight „Geberit ONE“); Commercecon (Insight „More space“); Iwan Baan (Insight „The desert rose“); Geberit and Das achte Gebot Werbeagentur GmbH (Insight „New additions tot he range“); Geberit International AG (Insight „Northwards“); Ben Huggler and Geberit International AG (Insight „Endless production" Geberit International AG (Insight „Portfolio complete“); Raphael Baumann (Insight „A great experience“); Rene Lamb Insight („Grand opening“); Geberit International AG (Insight „AquaClean on the road“); Ben Huggler (Insight „Caminada at the double“); Gabriel Anta Kuhn (Insight „Journey to the jungle“); Iris Cook and Rene Lamb (Insight „The supreme discipline“); Geberit International AG (Insight „Keramag becomes Geberit“); Geberit International AG (Insight „Soccer for child rights“); Geberit International AG (Insight „Huge construction site“); Corinne Stehli (Insight „Environmental awareness“); Herbert Wannhoff and BOS Buero (Insight „A new home“); Kinga Grzybowska, Michaln Hondo, Klaudia Golaszewska, Marek Grodzicki (Insight „Playground with WC“), Hufton+Crow (Insight „Futuristic design“); Geberit International AG (Insight „SigmaLine in aktion“), Rory Gardiner (Insight „Bright future“); Jung von Matt (Insight „End user campaign“), Miquel Gonzales (Insight „A Yacht like no other“); Red Dot, iF Design (Insight „Award winning!“), Ben Huggler (Insight „Making the invisible visible“); Markus Gubser (Insight „PE pipes as musical instruments“); Ben Huggler (Insight „Nanoscale levels“), Geberit International AG (Insight „A baptism of fire in Asia“); Risto Takala and Rami Saarikorpi (Insight „A shining tower“); Ben Huggler (Insight „A multipurpose plant”) Geberit International AG , ISH/Klaus Haase, Casa Decor/©Nacho Uribesalazar for Casa Decor 2019, Mosbuild/Maxim Nazarenko (Insight „Highlights from trade fairs“)


Simon Nagel (Imagestory); Geberit International AG (Insight „Geberit meets Vitra“); Ben Hugler (Insight „ Ceramics expertise“); Geberit International AG (Insight „Endless production“); Raphael Baumann (Insight „Die beste Erfahrung“); Gabriel Anta Kuhn (Insight „Journey to the jungle“); Geberit International AG (Insight „SigmaLine in aktion“); Jung von Matt (Insight „ End user campaign“); Ben Huggler (Insight „ Making the invisible visible“)

The statements in this review relating to matters that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements that are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to: future global economic conditions, foreign exchange rates, statutory rulings, market conditions, the actions of competitors and other factors beyond the control of the Company.

This annual report is published in German and English as an online version.
The online German version is binding.


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