My Annual Report 2019

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Current Annual Report 2019

Business report


PDF (54 KB)

Highlights 2019

PDF (708 KB)

Geberit share information

PDF (110 KB)

Management structure

PDF (41 KB)

Business and financial review

PDF (401 KB)

Corporate Governance

PDF (538 KB)

Remuneration Report

PDF (183 KB)

Financial report

Highlights 2019

PDF (66 KB)

Consolidated Financial Statements Geberit Group

PDF (352 KB)

Financial Statements Geberit AG

PDF (200 KB)


CEO Statement on sustainability

PDF (100 KB)

Sustainability Strategy

PDF (283 KB)

Materiality analysis

PDF (213 KB)

Communication on Progress UN Global Compact

PDF (64 KB)

SDG Reporting

PDF (138 KB)

Stakeholder Panel

PDF (997 KB)

Sustainability Performance Report

PDF (464 KB)

Key figures sustainability

PDF (86 KB)

10-year key figures environment

XLS (69 KB)

GRI content Index

PDF (228 KB)

Geberit Group Excel tables (.xls)

10-year key figures

XLS (21 KB)

Balance sheets

XLS (17 KB)

Income statements

XLS (16 KB)

Statements of comprehensive income

XLS (16 KB)

Statements of changes in equity

XLS (16 KB)

Statements of cashflows

XLS (17 KB)

Management of capital

XLS (15 KB)

Free Cashflow

XLS (15 KB)

Segment Reporting

XLS (16 KB)

Geberit AG Excel tables (.xls)

Appropriation available earnings

XLS (15 KB)
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