Materiality analysis

A review of the materiality analysis was carried out as part of the switchover to the GRI Standards. Some topics were aggregated (as required by the GRI Standards) and further relevant topics added. Like in the sustainability strategy, all material topics are assigned to the categories People, Planet and Profit. In the People category, the occupational safety topic was expanded to include the health aspect. In the Planet category, the resources topic was expanded to include the circular economy aspect. In the Profit category, the topics product management and innovation, quality as well as production and digitalisation/BIM were added as material topics. Furthermore, the topic of data protection was identified as relevant in connection with the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This enabled a high degree of consensus on the selection of material topics with the key approaches in the corporate and sustainability strategy to be achieved.

The updated materiality analysis was reviewed and approved by an external stakeholder panel in September 2018.

Material aspects are deemed material if they are significant from the internal perspective of the company or the external perspective of stakeholders.


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