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Geberit meets Vitra

Exhibition “Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design” causes quite a stir

Geberit is making the claim  Design Meets Function known to a wider audience. According to this claim, Geberit products pick up on real needs and provide people with tangible benefits. As the sponsor of the first comprehensive retrospective of the life and work of the pioneer of social design, Victor Papanek, Geberit invites partners from around the world to the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein (DE). At over 40 events, around 750 guests are able to enjoy a diverse programme. A group from Singapore shares their experiences in this video.

Robot ballet

Optimal flow of materials thanks to automation

Welding is a job that is now fortunately carried out by robots. The number of welding and handling robots at the plant in Lichtenstein (DE) has grown to over 100 in recent years. But quantity alone does not guarantee an optimal flow of materials. In order to ensure this is the case, state-of-the-art robotics are used in line with the principles of the Geberit Production System (GPS). The two most popular frames for the Duofix installation system can now be welded particularly quickly.

Take a stroll

Experiencing expertise in a 3D model

Geberit presents its expertise and its know-how in six different buildings. Using virtual 3D models, visitors to the city see products from the areas of hydraulics, hygiene, sound insulation and fire protection, and learn more about topics such as sustainability and design. By clicking on the models, the solution is explained in a nutshell and brought to life.  Visit our city
In the City of Competences, even laypersons can quickly see what Geberit does and what benefits the products offer. This is based on a modern programming environment in order to ensure the best possible experience. Have fun strolling through the city!

Ceramics expertise

The grandeur of ceramics manufacturing

In Gaeta (IT), some 300 employees specialise in manufacturing sophisticated ceramic sanitary appliances that require a large amount of work by hand. Examples include Rimfree toilets – where the so-called flush guides have to be manually attached – and the new Geberit ONE washbasin. One of the key challenges with the new ONE washbasin is the large washbasin surface of up to 120 cm in width. The ceramic sanitary appliance does not require any stabilising “ribs” or braces and still has a very thin design. The entire manufacturing process for the ONE washbasin has been redeveloped. The video offers an insight into the production of ceramic sanitary appliances in Gaeta.

Premiere for

Launched in 2019, the SuperTube drainage system is installed in the large Indian city of Pune

An ever-increasing number of high-rise buildings are being added to the skylines of Indian cities. This is no different in Pune, where the Gateway Tower 100 is the first high-rise building in the world to be equipped with Geberit SuperTube technology. SuperTube is a hydraulically optimised drainage system that dispenses entirely with the installation of a ventilation pipe and thus saves space and material. The special geometries of the fittings ensure that the air column that forms inside the pipe remains stable until the end of the discharge stack. This prevents overpressure or negative pressure, which could negatively impact the discharge capacity.

New GIZ in Pune

Geberit India opens a Geberit Information Centre (GIZ) at the production plant in Pune

The grand opening of the new Geberit Information Centre (GIZ) sees over 300 guests in attendance, including wholesalers, architects, sanitary engineers and building contractors. The new GIZ contains a demonstration module for drainage systems and a showroom spanning three floors that features the latest innovative products from Geberit as part of the Design Meets Function campaign. The guiding principle of the opening – namely innovation – is shown off to full effect as part of the customer event.

Geberit ONE

The toilet, shower and washbasin area have a new common denominator

Geberit ONE combines know-how in sanitary technology behind the wall with design expertise in front of the wall. The new system solution offers an appreciably better quality of life. In concrete terms, this means greater cleanliness, more space and greater flexibility. Sanitary pros can also look forward to increased planning reliability, efficient workflows and diverse possibilities for additional sales.

The desert rose

An architectural masterpiece – the new National Museum of Qatar

Since its grand opening, the National Museum of Qatar in Doha has been celebrated by the architecture community as one of the architectural highlights of recent years. The impressive National Museum of Qatar was planned and constructed during an 18-year period directly next to the restored palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani. It was designed by architect Jean Nouvel, who got his inspiration from the desert rose crystal. The striking building extends over 350 metres along the coast road in the capital, Doha. The museum is home to numerous Geberit products, including the Duofix installation system, the Sigma concealed cistern, the HyTronic toilet flush, the Sigma01 urinal flush control and the Silent-db20 supply system.


Gaining experience abroad

Geberit gives young people the option of completing an internship at one of the company sites outside Switzerland after they have completed their training. Selvin Blöchlinger, an automation engineer trained in Jona (CH), is working at the Swedish plant in Mörrum for six months. He looks at his time in the far north with fondness: “My most important project has been helping to organise the procurement of a new robot cell. I have been thrown in at the deep end, but by now become increasingly familiar with the work. Taking part in such a collaboration within the Geberit Group is a great experience.”

More space

Following the addition of a new building, the production site in Ozorków (PL) is becoming increasingly important

In the past, the plant in Ozorków mainly specialised in manufacturing acrylic bathtubs. In recent years, Geberit has invested in the ongoing development of know-how and capacities for manufacturing Mapress metal fittings. This decision was made in order to allow the labour-intensive production of small batches and special sizes to be moved away from the site in Langenfeld (DE). An extension in Ozorków has been completed and is now officially handed over to Geberit on 26 March in a ceremony attended by local authorities, building contractors and business representatives.

New additions to the range

This year’s product launches

Whether drainage system, ceramic sanitary appliance, bathroom furniture or sanitary technology – the market innovations, including the system solution Geberit ONE, impress thanks to their intelligent functions and timeless design.

Endless production

The renowned Geberit Mepla piping system is manufactured at the Swiss production plants in Givisiez and Jona

Since being launched on the market more than 30 years ago, the Mepla multilayer pipes have successfully established themselves internationally. While the pipes are manufactured in the production plant in Givisiez, the fittings are produced in Jona. Four product materials are required to manufacture multilayer pipes: plastic granules, two types of bonding agent and aluminium. The pipes are produced layer by layer in one of the five 120-metre-long production lines. All that’s needed to manufacture the fittings is an injection moulding machine, which produces several connecting pieces from a single batch of liquid plastic.

Portfolio complete

Test the Geberit AquaClean shower toilet at home

The names of the models – Mera, Sela and Tuma – are as different as the shower toilets themselves. From the economically priced basic model and the all-rounder right through to the premium comfort model, there is something for every need. Only those of us who have tested a shower toilet know just how good the feeling of absolute freshness is after going to the loo. Whether at specialist retailers, trade fairs or selected hotels – there are many different ways of testing the AquaClean models. Anyone wanting to try it out for themselves back home can now already do so in many countries thanks to test@home: A sanitary partner installs a test device on the existing WC ceramic appliance, meaning end users can then experience the benefits of a shower toilet in the comfort of their own home for a few days before making a decision.

A great experience

Building a drinking water supply for a Nepalese mountain village

16 Geberit employees from the nordic countries pitch in and help to build a drinking water supply in Nepal. For the third time, a group of volunteers from Geberit travels to the South Asian country, where many people still live without direct access to drinking water and sanitary facilities. In their two-week assignment, they are able to find out first-hand about the country and its people. As one of the enthusiastic participants comments: “The assignment in a Nepalese mountain village has been the best experience of my life.”

Grand opening

The new factory hall in Pfullendorf (DE) is officially put into operation

Factory 3 creates ideal conditions for achieving the badly needed increase in production capacities in Pfullendorf. The new hall increases the production area by around 4,300 m2. It is home to equipment on which exposed cisterns and the Monolith sanitary module as well as WC seats and lids are manufactured. There is therefore more space for the production of concealed cisterns where this equipment was previously installed.

AquaClean on the road

Geberit AquaClean is being presented with a range of test facilities at sports events, concerts and cultural gatherings

Visitors to events across Europe can experience the feeling of absolute freshness after trying out an AquaClean. The mobile shower toilets can be put to the test in the elegant AquaClean oasis and in mobile trucks and trailers.

Caminada at the double

Architecture and culinary delights in perfect harmony

In Fürstenau (CH), architect Gion A. Caminada and top chef Andreas Caminada have completed a project that is close to both their hearts. This is because the conversion not only resulted in a restaurant with accommodation, the building will also house a bakery, meat cellar, cheese cellar and a chamber with all kinds of exquisite delicacies created by Caminada.

Journey to
the jungle

A clever container solution for Costa Rica

In just four days, a self-sufficient guest house and a Rausch Schokoladen GmbH research institute are set up in a remote part of Costa Rica. The special part of this project is that the buildings are made from four recycled containers upgraded by the Stuttgart-based company Containerwerk. Despite the very small space available, the sanitary units are perfectly formed and boast an elegant design. Comfort is ensured in the prefabricated, plug-and-play bathrooms by the wall-hung, rimless Xeno2 toilet, iCon washbasin with cabinet, Sigma50 actuator plate and CleanLine60 shower channel. The video shows how the containers were transported and set up.

The supreme discipline

Toolmaking and its importance for manufacturing plastic products

In order for Geberit to produce first-class plastic products, the corresponding injection moulds have to be of the very highest quality and precision. These moulds are produced by internal toolmakers that work at a level of precision down to mere thousands of a millimetre. This is essential, as even the smallest deviation can mean that a mould is rendered useless. Days of work would then have gone to waste in such cases, not to mention the associated financial losses.

becomes Geberit

Simplifications in both the supply chain and in the processing of information are two of the most important customer benefits resulting from the brand switch.

Pooling the ceramics business under the Geberit brand poses major challenges for the sales companies in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and numerous Eastern European markets. In more than 3,000 showrooms and plumbing exhibitions, all Keramag products are replaced with identical ones from Geberit. As from 1 July, only products with a Geberit logo are delivered in these markets. The distribution centres have stocked up accordingly in good time in order to prevent supply bottlenecks. By the end of the year, all showrooms and exhibitions will be refitted and restocked.

Soccer for a
good cause

24 teams compete for the benefit of children
in Indian slums

At the end of the month, the “Soccer for Child Rights” tournament is held in the Indian city of Bangalore, with a total of 24 teams from large and small companies from the region competing against each other. All the entry fees for the tournament go towards projects carried out by a local organisation that fights for equal opportunities for disadvantaged children in Indian slums. Geberit India also has a team competing in the tournament. “Geberit India has already been involved in various activities in the area of social commitment – we particularly enjoy this football tournament,” comments one enthusiastic employee.

construction site

“The Circle” is currently the largest building construction project in Switzerland

One year prior to its opening, “The Circle” is inspected by the Swiss sales team. Adrian Lüthi, Product Manager Supply Systems, is impressed: “It’s great to see kilometres of Mapress pipes and thousands of Mapress fittings being installed here ready for decades of upcoming use.”

Environmental awareness

Geberit Finland calls on local plumbers to collect Geberit plastic caps

Plastic waste is a hot topic at the moment. Reason enough for the Finnish sales company to do something to counteract the increasing plastic problem. After careful consideration, Geberit Finland launches a recycling campaign and calls for plastic caps to be collected via the most well-known wholesalers and on social media. Geberit converts the collected plastic caps into money and donates it to the John Nurminen Foundation, where it will now be used to clean the Baltic Sea.

A new home

Inauguration of the new administration and production building in Langenfeld (DE)

Two years have passed since the groundbreaking ceremony for the new administration and production building in the German town of Langenfeld on 6 September 2017. The buildings were completed in mid-2019, now the employees move into their offices and laboratories. Production is set to move from the old factory building to the new building gradually over a period of several months.

SigmaLine in action

New packaging line for the Sigma01 actuator plate in Jona (CH)

With the commissioning of the new packaging line, the automatic connection to the injection moulding machines is becoming a reality. A wide variety of sensors ensures that the actuator plates continue on their journey through the individual stations on the packaging line automatically. The video shows how the new SigmaLine links together numerous subprocesses, such as laser marking and packing in boxes.

with WC

The “Konkurs Koło” competition is contributing to an improvement in the range of public toilets on offer

For over 20 years, the renowned initiative from Geberit Poland has been aimed mainly at young architects, with the ultimate aim of making the award-winning projects reality. The winning project in the latest edition of the competition is a playground in Olsztyn, a town in north-east Poland. The layout of the play area with only minimal impact on the natural surroundings and the sustainable design of the oval viewing platform where the toilet facilities are located ultimately proved decisive in the eyes of the jury.

Futuristic design

The new international airport in Beijing is gigantic in
every respect

The newly opened Beijing Daxing International Airport not only turns heads thanks to its futuristic shape and size of 780,000 m2 – the complex roof drainage system with Geberit Pluvia also impresses as well. When looked at from above, the building structure designed by Zaha Hadid Architects resembles a huge starfish that shimmers in bronze in the sunlight. Drainage of the massive roof – which covers an equivalent of 100 football pitches – is ensured thanks to Geberit Pluvia. The 1,200 Pluvia roof outlets are positioned in such a way that even a once-in-a-century period of extreme rainfall does not pose a problem.

Bright future

Ayla Oasis will eventually include hotels, artificial lagoons and a marina

Only now is the huge potential of the battle-scarred area in Aqaba (JO) being tapped. The first piece of the puzzle at the Ayla Oasis development project is an 18-hole golf course. The renowned architects from Oppenheim Architecture were tasked with designing the accompanying clubhouse. The characteristic wavy design gives the various building types a sense of charisma and calm. Two “comfort stations” (recreation areas with toilets) equipped with products from Geberit have already been completed. So too has the golf academy, which is currently being used as a temporary clubhouse. Also planned is a golf hotel with 25 units.

End user campaign

"Better bathrooms, better lives"

The “Better bathrooms, better lives” campaign is kicked off in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October. The campaign name comprises the basic aim of what Geberit hopes to achieve as a company. Geberit wants to use innovative sanitary products and solutions to improve people’s quality of life in the long term. Six requirements were identified after carrying out studies: cleanliness, accessibility, optimisation of space, comfort, design and user-friendliness. In the spotlight of the end user campaign are local websites, the social media and several digital tools.

A yacht like no other

Geberit Mepla and Mapress supply systems on
the high sea

A very special yacht is being built at the Royal Huisman shipyard in Vollenhove, the Netherlands. Measuring an impressive 81 metres in length, it is currently the longest sailing yacht in the world. Installed on board on the part of Geberit are both the Mepla supply system and the Mapress supply system in stainless steel and CuNiFe. While Mepla is used for the drinking water pipes, Mapress Stainless Steel is seen above all in the sprinkler system. Meanwhile, Mapress CuNiFe pipes are used for transporting fuel and for draining water that has collected in the bilges. The installed supply pipes meet the highest standards, have a high level of corrosion resistance and meet all the necessary shipping requirements. The yacht will be completed and handed over to the owner next year.

Making the invisible visible

Easier explanations using the Augmented Reality app

Demonstrating DuoFresh in action to the customer or explaining the functions behind the wall can be a real challenge. Geberit is on hand to help and has developed an Augmented Reality app. The app runs on an iPad or iPhone and shows what the DuoFresh function would look like in a Geberit ONE WC, for example. Above all, the app is used at trade fairs, in sales pitches and in showrooms. Here, the sales consultant can show the customer the full range of different functions on Geberit ONE that cannot be seen from the outside.


Top accolades for Geberit products

This year, Geberit products receive the Red Dot Award, iF Design Award and Phönix.

The Red Dot Award and iF Design Award are two of the most sought-after international accolades in the design world. Geberit ONE received the Red Dot Award, while Geberit AquaClean Sela took home both prizes.

In Germany, the Phönix is considered the Oscar of the construction industry. One of the golden statues goes to the Geberit CleanLine shower channel in the “Drainage” category. The Sigma21 actuator plate is also runner-up in the “Sanitary objects” category.

PE pipes as a musical instrument

PE pipes from Geberit make their musical debut at the Fasnacht celebrations in Walenstadt

With their blue overalls, the six-strong Fasnacht group “Klapperdibumtätsch” look almost like professional workmen. In actual fact, this isn’t far from the truth – after all, one member of the group is a trained plumber. When preparing for Fasnacht, he has come up with the bright idea of creating an instrument made of Geberit PE pipes. This has not only worked out well, it also sounds the part to boot. The men are then a big hit in the restaurants of Walenstadt (CH) during the Beizenfasnacht celebrations.

Nanoscale levels

The Laboratory for Materials Technology is opening up a new dimension

The Geberit Laboratory for Materials Technology has acquired a scanning electron microscope (SEM) in order to examine material surfaces. Using this equipment, a magnification of up to 50,000x is possible. The scanning electron microscope does not work like an optical microscope with visible light; instead, it analyses the sample with the help of an electron beam. While differences in colour between the samples are not visible, the SEM can be used to differentiate between chemical elements, for example between high and low-alloy steel.

A baptism
of fire in Asia

Ten apprentices and two coaches lend a hand in Cambodia

The rural population in Cambodia is still suffering from the wars that ravaged the country for decades. Much of the infrastructure – particularly the schools – is in poor condition. Geberit is on hand to help with the renovation and construction of several schools in the province of Siem Reap. A Geberit team comprising ten apprentices and two coaches have travelled to Cambodia to help with the construction work, particularly with the construction of the sanitary facilities. As this is the first trip to Asia for most of the young colleagues, the first report isn’t surprising: “Everything is so different and new to us here, but after a few days the baptism of fire with the children, the work and the traffic was already behind us.”

A shining tower

Sophisticated drainage solution for wooden high-rise building in Finland

Technological innovations make taller and taller wooden buildings possible. Given the shortage of space in the installation ducts, a special drainage solution that is easy to process and quiet was sought after as part of the “Lighthouse” project in the Finnish town of Joensuu. The drainage system Silent-Pro, which was launched in 2016, was given the nod. The 48-metre-high student residence is therefore a real lighthouse project also in the eyes of Jukka Hakanen, the responsible technical advisor from Geberit.

A multipurpose plant

Lean management in Pottenbrunn

Around 2,000 parts – the majority of them from the Waste Fittings & Traps and Building Drainage Systems product lines – are produced and assembled on various machines and at a wide range of workstations at the production plant in Pottenbrunn in Lower Austria. Thanks to the wide range of products, the plant has an excellent reputation within the Geberit Group. You could almost call it a “specialised factory” for special orders. With the implementation of the new plant strategy, a real step forwards has been made in recent years. Now, the entire plant is organised according to the principles of lean management without disrupting production. This has not only involved moving 120 machines and systems but also required a lot of flexibility from the some 420 employees.

Highlights from trade fairs

A global presence at trade fairs from Spain
to Russia in 2019

2019 local trade fair teams once again impress many visitors with new products and highlights. Geberit’s trade fair presentations attract customers around the globe.


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