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2. Organizational profile

  1. 2.1 Name of the organization

    Geberit Group.

  2. 2.2 Brands, products and/or services

    Geberit offers customers high-quality system solutions for applications in private residential construction and public buildings. The systems are used in both renovation projects and new buildings. A broad range of products is offered within the two product areas of Sanitary Systems and Piping Systems. This ranges from installation systems, cisterns and mechanisms, taps, flushing systems, waste fittings and traps to supply and building drainage systems.

    For further information on the product range, see > Products > Product Range.

    For 2013 sales by product areas and product lines, see  Business report > Business and financial review > Sales.

  3. 2.3 Organizational structure

    The operational management structure of Geberit is divided into the Group Divisions:

    • CEO
    • Sales Europe
    • Sales International
    • Products
    • Finance

    The assignment of clearly distinguished responsibilities minimizes the number of interfaces. The structure takes into account the increasing globalization and is designed to enhance further the effectiveness of the Geberit Group in a changed environment. For more details about the organizational structure, see  Business report > Management structure.

  4. 2.4 Headquarters location

    The Geberit Group has its headquarters in Rapperswil-Jona (CH).

  5. 2.5 Countries with business operations

    Geberit has its own representatives in 41 countries. The products are sold in over 100 countries throughout the world. The company has 17 specialized production companies in eight different countries close to the most important sales markets and a central Logistics Center in Pfullendorf (DE).

    For a list of the countries in which Geberit operates, see   Financial report > Consolidated financial statements Geberit Group > Notes > Note 33.

  6. 2.6 Ownership and legal form

    Geberit AG, the parent company of the Geberit Group, is a stock corporation (AG) under Swiss law.

  7. 2.7 Markets served

    In terms of market cultivation, Geberit relies on a three-stage distribution channel. The products are distributed via the wholesale trade. Dealerships then sell them to plumbers and present them at exhibitions and other venues where end customers can gain information. At the same time, Geberit provides plumbers and sanitary engineers with intensive support through training and advice, which in turn leads to increased demand for Geberit products from wholesalers. Since 2012, there has been a  web shop for the direct procurement of Geberit AquaClean and Geberit DuoFresh consumables.

    For sales by markets and regions as well as by product areas and product lines, see  Business report > Business and financial review > Sales.

  8. 2.8 Scale of the reporting organization

    The Geberit Group’s market capitalization reached CHF 10,224 million as of the end of 2013 (previous year CHF 7,819 million). The 2013 sales of CHF 2,292 million (previous year CHF 2,188 million) were achieved with products in the two product areas Sanitary Systems and Piping Systems. At the end of 2013, the Group had 6,226 employees (previous year 6,134 employees). For the consolidated balance sheet with details of current assets, non-current assets, equity and liabilities, see  Financial report > Consolidated financial statements Geberit Group.

  9. 2.9 Significant changes regarding size, structure or ownership

    There were no significant changes to the Group structure in 2013 (see also  3.8). In the second half of 2013, the  17th production site in Pune (India) commenced operations.

    For further information, see  Financial report > Consolidated financial statements Geberit Group > Notes > Note 2.

  10. 2.10 Awards received

    In 2013, Geberit was once again awarded numerous prizes. For a list of important prizes, see > Sustainability > Awards.