Natural gas –
the way forward


Vehicles powered by natural gas are already a regular feature on the streets in many places and are gaining in popularity, which is hardly surprising given that natural gas contributes significantly to protecting the environment. Thanks to a growing network of filling stations for natural gas vehicles and the related high security of supply, it is largely possible to travel in such vehicles without any restrictions.

At Geberit, green logistics refers to the company’s continuous quest for improvements that benefit the environment. In line with this approach, a truck powered by natural gas has been traveling regularly between Geberit’s production plant in Rapperswil-Jona (CH) and the logistics center in Pfullendorf (DE) since December 2013. The initial experience has proven highly convincing in every respect.

Natural gas truck (photo)
Transco and Geberit had the natural gas truck specially made to meet their specific needs.
Natural gas tanks (photo)
The eight natural gas tanks have a capacity of 640 liters. Fully tanked, the vehicle can travel a total of around 550 kilometers before it’s time for a refill.
The driver’s cabin of the natural gas truck (photo)
The driver’s cabin of the natural gas truck is different to that of conventional diesel trucks, with the overall appearance and entrance reminiscent of a bus.
The new natural gas truck still looks very out of the ordinary (photo)
In comparison to traditional diesel trucks, the new natural gas truck still looks very out of the ordinary.

The natural gas truck is also an excellent choice in terms of cost-effectiveness. Although the initial outlay is higher, the fuel costs are 30% lower than with diesel or gasoline.

Geberit is in continuous discussion with all of its logistics partners with regard to gradually expanding the use of natural gas trucks. Finding intelligent solutions for transporting our products in a more eco-efficient manner demonstrates that we are on the right path.

Gerhard Reger, Fleet Manager, Transco Süd GmbH, Konstanz (DE) (photo)
“Geberit is a unique partner for us to collaborate with on implementing pathbreaking ideas. Through this partnership, we are demonstrating that green logistics is not just some fancy concept we claim to stand behind, but something that we are actually putting into practice one step at a time.”

Gerhard Reger, Fleet Manager,
Transco Süd GmbH, Konstanz (DE)

Diesel trucks vs. natural gas trucks





The reduction achieved by the natural gas truck is based on the 150,000 km traveled each year by the truck during its round trips between Rapperswil-Jona (CH) and Pfullendorf (DE).