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7. Summary of share and option plans 2013

In 2013 employees, management and the members of the Board of Directors participated in three dif­fer­ent share plans. The plans are described for the management and the Board of Directors in this Remuneration Report and for the employees in  Note 18 of the consolidated financial statements. Under the three different share plans, the following numbers of shares were allocated.

  End of
Number of
Number of
Employee share program 2013 (ESPP) 2015 1,563 21,353 138.72
Management share program 2013 (MSPP) 2016 41 8,968 231.20
Board of Directors' program 2013 (DSPP) 2017 7 4,724 138.72
Total     35,045  


The 35,045 shares required for these plans were taken from the stock of treasury shares.

In 2013 Geberit management participated in two different option plans (MSPP and MSOP). The plans are described in this Remuneration Report. Under the two different option plans, the following numbers of options were allocated.

  End of vesting period Maturity Number of partici-
Number of options allocated Exercise
Management share program 2013 (MSPP) 2014–2017 2020 41 8,968 231.20
Option plan 2013 (MSOP)/Group Executive Board 2015–2017 2020 5 45,628 231.20
Option plan 2013 (MSOP)/other management 2014–2017 2020 57 52,576 231.20
Total       107,172  


The fair value of the options granted in 2013 amounted to CHF 24.34 at the respective granting date. The fair value was determined using the binomial model for “American Style Call Options”.

The calculation model was based on the following parameters:

  Exercise price 1 Expected volatility Expected Ø dividend yield Contractual period Risk­free interest rate
  CHF % % Years %
Management share program 2013 (MSPP) 231.20 17.139 3.47 7 0.463
Option plan 2013 (MSOP) 231.20 17.139 3.47 7 0.463

1 The exercise price corresponds to the average price of Geberit shares for the period from 2.–18.3.2013.


Costs resulting from participation plans amounted to CHF 2.6 million in 2013 (prior year 3.7 million), those for option plans totaled 2.6 million (prior year 2.3 million).