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Investment volume in line with medium-term goals

Investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets amounted to CHF 98.0 million in 2013 or CHF 12.0 million (+14.0%) more than in the previous year. Investment volume has thus reached around CHF 100 million, the level aimed for over the medium term in order to be prepared for expected growth. As a percentage of sales, the investment ratio was 4.3% (previous year 3.9%). All scheduled larger investment projects were carried out as planned.

In 2013, 30% of all investments or CHF 30.3 million was used for infrastructure expansion. Geberit used 18% or CHF 17.5 million to acquire tools and equipment for new product developments. 37% or CHF 35.6 million was invested in the modernization of property, plant and equipment, while 15% or CHF 14.6 million was used for rationalization measures relating to property, plant and equipment.

The bulk of investments went toward machinery, the pro­cure­ment of tools and molds for new products as well as building conversions and new building projects. Among other things, projects for the building of new plants in Slovenia and India were continued and preparations were made for the expansion of the Italian plant. Additionally, investments were also made for the further optimization of production processes and important development projects.