Review 2020
Try out the AquaClean feeling back home

Any test is better
than the theory

A new AquaClean test set gives interested parties the opportunity of experiencing cleaning with water on their own toilet.

Trying out something for yourself is usually much more convincing than just looking at the theory behind it on paper. This is something the AquaClean team is well aware of, which is why they developed a new shower toilet test set that works on any conventional toilet. The customer can have this set delivered free of charge to their home, where they can then enjoy the AquaClean feeling in complete comfort. The pilot project kicks off in Switzerland in the spring.

"Cleaning with water while on the toilet is an unknown feeling for many people. Testing is the only way of convincing people, and doubles the chance of the customer making a purchase." Margit Harsch, Head of Geberit AquaClean

Testing the waters back home

After ordering, the test set is sent out to the customer’s home, where they can then install it themselves in just a few simple steps. Using the AquaClean app, the spray functionality can then be started immediately and the fun can begin – just like on a real AquaClean shower toilet.

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The freshly showered feeling

After the two-week test phase, the test set is sent back to Geberit (with the exception of the nozzle).

“Just like taking a new car for a test drive, the goal of the concept is to work up an appetite for more and convince the customer to buy a shower toilet from Geberit,” explains Margit Harsch.

As soon as the test set arrives back at Geberit, the technics assembly and tank are checked and everything is cleaned thoroughly before being packed together with a new WhirlSpray nozzle for shipment to the next tester.


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