Review 2020
Intelligent data for digital planning

Obstacle-free planning

Major construction projects are planned on a digital drawing board. This applies to all the trades involved, from architects and sanitary engineers all the way through to the craftsmen doing the work and, further down the line, the technical building systems. One of the planning standards used is Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short. Geberit has developed a new service offering here.

Using BIM, Geberit pipes or toilet facilities can be represented in a digital building model together with their dimensions. The advantage here is that the sanitary engineer can then see immediately if the supply ducts are not large enough or if the pipes would cause issues with other installations.

Data, data, data

Geberit provides models that are very simple yet highly accurate. These models are provided via a plug-in that acts as an interface between the PC of the user and the Geberit BIM database, and ensures that the user always receives up-to-date BIM models. Moreover, using the plug-in, sanitary engineers and architects are also given BIM data in the corresponding language for the available product range in the market. With this service, Geberit sets itself apart from the majority of the competition.


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