Review 2020
No data, no sale

Bringing product data up to scratch

Consistent, digitally processed product data classified in line with ETIM standards makes a big contribution towards company performance. Safeguarding this is a major task for the Geberit team.

ETIM – the “Electro-Technical Information Model” – is a concept for standardising product data, such as colour descriptions or the configuration of interfaces. Whereas it used to suffice to have catalogues with pictures and text, now the existing digital product data must be structured and extended. These tasks involve all bodies that are responsible for the products, from the Product Managers all the way through to logistics.

Trading companies rely on digital distribution channels and run their own online shops for their trading partners, such as plumbers. If the data sets provided by the manufacturers (such as Geberit) do not meet requirements, the products are simply not included in the sales portal. As a result, the plumbers are then unable to purchase the Geberit products. In order to ensure smooth data transfer to the wholesaler, Geberit is standardising its product data to comply with ETIM.

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Standardise and clarify

Nico Schmid from the Master Data Management team at company headquarters in Rapperswil-Jona (CH) is responsible for implementing the ETIM standard at Geberit. “Geberit has expanded some of its existing product data so that this meets the ETIM standard. In the classic Geberit product catalogue, for example, one fitting can be described with six features used together with images to convey the additional information. However, the ETIM standard requires 51 features for a product to be described precisely. The description is exclusively digital and must work without images.”

“For example, in order to prevent duplicate data entries, we have to take the typical Geberit colour descriptions and turn them into what the customer is looking for,” comments Nico Schmid. “In this way, white alpine now becomes just white. We are currently adapting product data from around 20,000 items according to ETIM requirements. This is a lot of work for everyone involved. But: no data, no sale.”


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