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Stylish toilet facilities

Into the cauldron

The district of Visp in the Swiss canton of Valais now boasts a brand new ice rink and event centre. The sanitary installations from Geberit are able to cope with the rush of visitors.

Autumn 2019 saw the grand opening of the Lonza Arena in Visp with its first ice hockey game. Covering a total area of around 5,700 m2 and with a maximum building height of 15 metres, the ice rink and event centre blends in well with its surroundings despite its impressive size.

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Ready for the flood of visitors

As the building is set back from the street, there are sufficient outdoor spaces and entrance zones, which makes coordination of the large influx of visitors easier. The transparent building shell supports the fundamental spatial idea of merging indoors and outdoors. The backbone of the arena is provided by the multi-storey structure on the north side, which is used as the entrance for players, VIPs, staff and visitors to the restaurant. By connecting to the entrance zone on the east side, fans at sports events can then be segregated accordingly.

Sophisticated toilet facilities

On the subject of fans, unusually stylish toilet facilities await anyone needing to take a comfort break during the game. The toilets and urinals are not only attractive, but have also been designed with optimum cleaning and maintenance in mind. In order to make cleaning easier, only rimless WC and urinal ceramic appliances have been installed. The flush on the urinals can be programmed so that it is only activated after the breaks. Another advantage is that the installed urinal system is particularly easy to service. The spray head, trap inserts and flush controls can be demounted without tools and without removing the ceramic appliance.

Lonza Arena

Building owner: Visp municipality
Architect: Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten & Rollimarchini


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