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Share price performance in the reporting year

The Geberit share price started the trading year 2020 at CHF 543.20. Following a slightly weaker start to the trading year compared to the market, the Geberit share saw a significant downward trend as a result of the effects of the first wave of COVID-19. However, the share price recovered from this decline from May onward, increasing successively in line with the Swiss Market Index (SMI) and reaching an all-time record high of CHF 565.60 at the beginning of November. The Geberit share price closed the trading year at CHF 554.20, corresponding to an increase of 2.0%. In the same period, the Swiss Market Index (SMI) posted gains of 0.8%. Viewed over the past five years, the Geberit share posted an annual average increase of 10.3% (SMI +4.0%). The Geberit Group’s market capitalisation reached CHF 20.5 billion at the end of 2020.

The Geberit shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich.

At the end of 2020, the free float as defined by SIX was 100%.

Share price development
1.1. – 31.12.2020

Monthly average share price

Share price development
22.6.1999 (IPO) – 31.12.2020

Annual average share price


Given a stable market environment, Geberit achieves high free cashflow, which is used to repay debts, applied towards any acquisitions or distributed to shareholders. The capital structure is prudently maintained and the company strives for a solid balance sheet structure with a buffer of liquidity. On the one hand, this policy guarantees the financial flexibility necessary to achieve growth targets, and, on the other hand, it offers investors security. Surplus liquid funds are distributed to shareholders. Geberit continued this shareholder-friendly distribution policy last year as well.

In 2020, CHF 404 million was distributed to shareholders as part of the dividend payment. The share buyback programme, launched in June 2017, was completed at the end of April 2020. In total, 1,026,094 registered shares – equal to CHF 440 million and corresponding to 2.8% of the share capital entered in the Commercial Register at that time – were repurchased. In the reporting year, 261,543 shares were acquired at a sum of CHF 116 million. Furthermore, 94,700 shares were acquired at a sum of CHF 51 million in the reporting year as part of the new share buyback programme started on 17 September 2020. CHF 571 million, or 79.6% of the free cashflow, was therefore distributed to shareholders during the reporting year as part of the dividend payment and the share buyback programmes.

Over the last five years, around CHF 2.4 billion has been paid out to shareholders in the form of distributions or share buybacks, which corresponds to 80.4% of the free cashflow in this period.

Total distribution to shareholders and share buybacks
(in CHF million)
  2016 2017 201820192020 Total
Distribution 309 368 381389404 1,851
Share buyback 51 92 18547167 542
Total 360 460 566436571 2,393

The Board of Directors will propose to the ordinary General Meeting of Geberit AG on 14 April 2021 an increase in the dividend of 0.9% to CHF 11.40. The payout ratio of 63.8% of net income is in the upper range of the 50% to 70% corridor defined by the Board of Directors.

Distribution paid
(in CHF per share)
  2016 2017 2018 20192020
Dividend 8.40 10.00 10.40 10.8011.30
Major data relating to the Geberit share
Registered shareholders 34,910
Capital stock (CHF) 3,704,142.70
Number of registered shares of CHF 0.10 each 37,041,427
Registered shares 21,016,493
Treasury shares 1,415,834
Stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange
Swiss securities identification number 3017040
ISIN code CH0030170408
Telekurs GEBN
Thomson Reuters GEBN.S
Bloomberg GEBN.VX
Key figures
(in CHF per share)
Net income 17.9717.95
Net cashflow 23.1625.15
Equity 52.7453.70
Distribution1 11.3011.40
1 Subject to approval of the General Meeting 2021


Geberit publishes current and comprehensive information simultaneously for all market participants and interested parties on the website, including ad hoc announcements. Among other things, the current version of the investor presentation is available on the website at any time. In addition, interested parties may add their names to a mailing list in order to receive the most recent information relating to the company.

CEO Christian Buhl, CFO Roland Iff and the Head Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Roman Sidler are in charge of communication with shareholders, the capital market and the general public. Contact details can be found on the website in the relevant sections. Information relating to Geberit is provided in the form of regular media information, media and analysts’ conferences, as well as financial presentations.

Contact may be established at any time at

Comprehensive share information can be found at > investors > share information

Time schedule  
General Meeting 14 Apr
Dividend payment 20 Apr
Interim report first quarter 4 May
Half-year report 19 Aug
Interim report third quarter 3 Nov
First information 2021 13 Jan
Results full year 2021 9 Mar
General Meeting 13 Apr
Dividend payment 21 Apr
Interim report first quarter 4 May
Half-year report 18 Aug
Interim report third quarter 3 Nov
(Subject to minor changes)


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