Review 2020
Eat, drink and be amazed


After building work, the restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen has reopened its huge bronze door. Once inside, guests are taken on a journey to a sensual world. Geberit AquaClean is part of this journey.

Refshaleøen is a former industrial site in the harbour of Copenhagen. Since the closure of the shipyard in 1996, the island has seen significant changes and is known today as a colourful mixture of creative enterprises, flea markets and cultural institutions. It has also been home to the restaurant Alchemist and its trademark mixture of art, drama, culinary delights and visual effects. Put simply, this is a holistic experience for all the senses. The principle of the holistic kitchen, a brainchild of chef Rasmus Munk, fits perfectly to this place.

Dome as projection space

At the heart of Alchemist is the huge roof structure made of 200 tonnes of steel. An 18-metre-high dome is lit by twelve projectors and is used as a backdrop for different images, such as the Northern Lights or majestic jellyfish floating through the ocean.

A rollercoaster of feelings

During their meal, guests move from room to room and experience different settings. The key focus of the restaurant still remains the food – in a more or less traditional sense. The dishes consist of 50 “impressions” and comment on sociopolitical topics such as food waste or environmental pollution.

A visit to the toilet at Alchemist is also a spectacle for the senses – primarily touch. The toilet facilities are equipped with shower toilets from Geberit. The eight AquaClean Mera Comfort shower toilets are equipped with touchless Sigma80 actuator plates.

Alchemist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Building owner: NT Consulting
Architect: Studio Duncalf