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Geberit AG, Rapperswil-Jona;
sustainserv, Zurich and Boston

Concept, design and technical realisation

EQS Group AG, München

Concept and design homepage

MADE Identity AG, Zurich


Ben Huggler, Till Gmür, Nina Athola, Herbert Wannhoff, Marius Guffarth (Imagestories); Richard Bieler, Joel Kabunyi Ngige (Insight „Visit from Kenya“); TwentySeven Hotel (Insight „Six-star establishment“); Gionatta Xerra, Janine Müller, Ylva Haglund, Purdie Proudman, Qiang Lu, Nacho Uribe Salazar, expomobilia, Viktoria Lunchenkova (Insight „Visitor magnet“); Papermill Media (Insight „Famous namesake“); Stefan Schmid, Ben Huggler, Thomas Lbsen, Studio Liddell (Insight „A champion in drywall constriction“); Ben Huggler (Insight „Clean energy“); Shutterstock (Insight „Successful business year 2017“); Ben Huggler (Insight „One strong brand“); Ben Huggler, Stefan Thurmann, Elberfeld Creations, Studio Liddell, Michael Suter (Insight „Five new products“); Ben Huggler (Insight „Put through ist paces“); Petra Wolfensberger (Insight „Approved“); Carlos Crespo, Containerwerk (Insight „Microliving“); Joel Lim (Insight „Innovative vs. conventional“); Tom van Hoof (Insight „Our main man in Morocco“); Julian Weyer, Claus Norman Moeller (Insight „Clever laboratories“); James Lanchbury (Insight „A feast for the senses“); Duncan Lamont (Insight „Accolade“); Jonathan Haglund, Peter Brøgger, Valeria Trivi Engel, Fabienne Wild (Insight „Customer-oriented“); Shutterstock, Alex Muchnik, Stefan Thurmann (Insight „Award-winning“); Peter Christofferson (Insight „An investment in the future“); Tim Van de Velde (Insight „An impressive conversion“); Carlos Crespo (Insight „Emergency shower with no hidden dangers“); Shutterstock (Insight „Strong earnings growth“); Geberit International AG (Insight „In one place“); Christian Buchauer (Insight „Focusing on experience“); Marijke Cools (Insight „Total dedication“); Michael Suter (Insight „Digital measuring method“); Norbert Miguletz (Insight „Social Design“); Ben Huggler, Corinne Stehli (Insight „On the home straight“); Fabiano Caputo, Roberto Conte, Mahmut Ceylan, Nirva Narlı (Insight „Works of art made of wire mesh “); Bowie Verschuuren, Christian Brandstätter (Insight „A temporary theatre“); Amir Amido Zamane (Insight „A unique assignment“); Karolina Koeberg (Insight „Assignment in Kruger National Park“); Charlotte Simpson, PlayOffVideo, Qiang Lu, Xiayi Guo, John Pavlish (Insight „In focus“); Shutterstock (Insight „Zeros and ones“); Ben Huggler, Herbert Wannhoff (Insight „Cleverly invested“); Michael Suter (Insight „Pure nature“)


Till Gmür (Imagestories); Simon Nagel (Insight „Up close and personal“); Till Gmür (Insight „The billion mark has been reached“); Schokolade Filmproduktion GmbH (Insight „Precise craftsmanship“); Kunde & Co. (Insight „Young talent“);

The statements in this review relating to matters that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements that are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to: future global economic conditions, foreign exchange rates, statutory rulings, market conditions, the actions of competitors and other factors beyond the control of the Company.

This annual report is published in German and English as an online version.
The online German version is binding.


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