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My Annual Report 2012

Business report    
Editorial  PDF (27 KB)
Highlights 2012  PDF (2.1 MB)
Geberit Share Information  PDF (43 KB)
Business and financial review  PDF (454 KB)
Corporate Governance  PDF (1.5 MB)
Financial report    
Highlights 2012  PDF (29 MB)
Consolidated Financial Statements Geberit Group  PDF (230 KB)
Financial Statements Geberit AG  PDF (70 KB)
Care in the square  PDF (197 KB)
First-class employees  PDF (615 KB)
In dialog on energy efficiency and climate protection  PDF (583 KB)
Leading the way in green logistics  PDF (631 KB)
Green building – setting the new standard  PDF (561 KB)
Accepting responsibility  PDF (726 KB)
Sustainability Perfomance Report  PDF (181 KB)
Key figures sustainability  PDF (44 KB)
Geberit Group  Excel tables (.xls)    
10-year key figures  XLS (37 KB)
Balance sheets  XLS (35 KB)
Income statements  XLS (25 KB)
Statements of comprehensive income  XLS (25 KB)
Statements of changes in equity  XLS (33 KB)
Statements of cashflows  XLS (36 KB)
Management of capital  XLS (23 KB)
Trade accounts receivable  XLS (33 KB)
Other current assets and current financial assets  XLS (31 KB)
Inventories  XLS (21 KB)
Property, plant and equipment  XLS (34 KB)
Other non-current assets and non-current financial assets  XLS (30 KB)
Goodwill and intangible assets  XLS (33 KB)
Short term debt  XLS (21 KB)
Other current provisions and liabilities  XLS (24 KB)
Long-term debt  XLS (21 KB)
Deferred tax assets and liabilities  XLS (35 KB)
Other non-current provisions and liabilities  XLS (23 KB)
Earnings per share  XLS (21 KB)
Diluted earnings per share  XLS (21 KB)
Cash discounts and customer bonuses  XLS (30 KB)
Other operating expenses, net  XLS (22 KB)
Financial result, net  XLS (22 KB)
Income tax expenses  XLS (22 KB)
Net cashflow  XLS (22 KB)
Free cashflow  XLS (21 KB)
Segment reporting  XLS (33 KB)
Foreign exchange rates  XLS (24 KB)
Geberit AG  Excel tables (.xls)    
Appropriation available earnings  XLS (22 KB)