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Overall Responsibility/Editorial:

Geberit International AG
Corporate Communications
Schachenstrasse 77
CH-8645 Jona


Geberit AG, Rapperswil-Jona;
sustainserv, Zurich and Boston;

Concept and design:

schneiter meier AG, Zurich;

Technical realisation:

EQS Group, Munich;


AELTC (Centre Court Wimbledon), BDP Architects (University Exeter), Marcus Bredt (National stadium Warsaw), Tobias Dinesen (City hall Viborg), Expomobilia (Swissbau Basel), Markus Frietsch (Management, Board of Directors), Christian Grund (Care in the Square), Jörg Hempel (Zayed University Abu Dhabi), Mike Horn (Pangaea), Ben Huggler (Block heating station, mega trailer, lab, insourcing shower toilet production), Werner Huthmacher (Laces Adidas Herzogenaurach), Jerzy Krug (National stadium Warsaw, stadium Danzig), Nic Lehoux (Concert and conference centre Harpa Reykjavík), Adam Mork (Hotel Bella Sky Kopenhagen), Photo Basilisk (Swissbau Basel), Johan Pretorius (Mauritius Commercial Bank), Simon Straetker (Social-aid project South Africa), Michael Suter (Insourcing shower toilet production, lab, drain water tower, Venice), Stefan Thurmann (Bath room photos), Herbert Wannhoff (Sales talk iPad), Zaha Hadid Architects (Aquatics Centre London)


Till Gmür (Showcase project biogas), Fresh Air Crew, Nic Good (Social-aid project South Africa), Zabine Reichhuber (Geberit Challenge, film editing), Cello Schnyder (Monolith London, direction), Seed (Editorial CEO), Snapfilm (Employer branding), Tonstudios Z (Geberit Challange, sound), WirzFraefelPaal Productions AG (Monolith London, production)

The statements in this review relating to matters that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements that are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to: future global economic conditions, foreign exchange rates, statutory rulings, market conditions, the actions of competitors and other factors beyond the control of the Company.

This annual report is published in German and English as an online version.
The online German version is binding.