Reportage: Die Geberit Auszubildenden

The Geberit apprentices renovate the sanitary installations at a school in Port Elizabeth and learn lessons for life in a whole new environment.



2.6 billion people worldwide currently live without any basic sanitary facilities whatsoever. Not only is this undignified, it also puts the health of those affected acutely at risk.

This is why we are actively committed to undertaking social projects in newly industrialized countries. Geberit not only makes money and materials available, but also plans, manages and coordinates the projects with apprentices from various European locations, who spend two weeks working on site. In our social projects, the future professionals work in an international team in an unfamiliar culture and are charged with completely new tasks. These projects are therefore an important platform within our training philosophy, which then enables the young people to acquire abilities and social skills at first hand that aid their personal development and shape their future actions.

Geberit Lernende sind mit Aufgaben konfrontiert
Geberit apprentices are confronted with tasks that are not part of their everyday working life – for example, as a commercial employee or designer – as they passionately pitch in during the aid projects.
In addition to the installation of sanitary technology, renovation work is also carried out at the school. In South Africa, this included carrying out paintwork on the buildings.
In playful workshops, the young people explain to the schoolchildren the importance of hygiene and how to use water economically.
Gemüse und Früchte
The children are delighted that the school now has a garden thanks to Geberit. Vegetables and fruit are now on the menu both in school and at home.
Erinnerungen fürs Leben
Having completed their social aid work, the young people are overwhelmed by a wealth of impressions and return home with some lasting memories.

In 2012, eight apprentices from a variety of professions traveled to Port Elizabeth in South Africa together with a supervisor and trainer as well as a technical advisor. Together with three additional young people – the Young Explorers from our partner project Pangaea/Mike Horn – they spent two weeks renovating sanitary facilities and also found time to carry out playful activities with the some 850 schoolchildren on the topics of hygiene and saving water.

The basic sanitary facilities and access to water not only bring a sense of dignity to the schoolchildren in Port Elizabeth – the project has also helped the Geberit apprentices to mature into company ambassadors during their training to become first-class employees.