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Logistics offers great potential in terms of eco-balance optimization, meaning continuous optimization on both small and large scales pays off.

The mega-trailers that have been traveling for the past two years between the logistics center in Pfullendorf (DE) and the production plants in Rapperswil-Jona (CH) and Pottenbrunn (AT) are a good example of this. Mega-trailers are vehicles that have a greater loading capacity due to their greater loading heights. Instead of 66 pallets, there are now 99 – a step in the right direction towards reducing CO2 emissions.

When it comes to logistics, sustainability goes far beyond what we do within the company. Geberit selects logistics partners according to clearly defined quality criteria and also encourages them to initiate their own environmental protection programs by means of an environmental code of conduct. Examples of this include training courses for drivers on fuel-efficient driving techniques, climate-neutral logistics facilities and the bundling of transports to reduce empty mileage.

With green logistics, Geberit focuses on a holistic approach for the resource-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation of goods. This sophisticated transport management system pays off both from a business and ecological perspective.

Intelligentes Konzept: Megatrailer
Intelligent concept: Mega-trailers have smaller wheels, thus offering a greater loading height than conventional semi-trailers.
Effizienzsteigerung: Ladehöhe
Improvement in efficiency: Thanks to a greater loading height, 99 pallets can now be stacked as opposed to 66 as before.
Umfassende Perspektive
Comprehensive perspective: Switching to mega-trailers is just one small part of the puzzle of permanent optimization in logistics operations.
Award-winning: In 2011, Geberit was awarded the German Logistics Prize for the radical restructuring of its logistics.
Optimized: Thanks to mega-trailers, 414 less transport journeys are made each year. The 126,000 km saved correspond to three circum-navigations of the globe.
Michael Stehle, Head of Transport Management, Pfullendorf (DE)
“Ecological progress while also increas-
ing efficiency – this is also Geberit’s goal
and motivation in logistics. The new mega-
trailers carry 50 per cent more pallets and
are just one example of the measures being
undertaken as part of our green logistics

Michael Stehle, Head of Transport Management, Pfullendorf (DE)


Transport journeys


Distance traveled

-126,000 km

Fuel consumption

-37,500 liters

CO2 emissions

-155 metric tons



Mega-trailers and semi-trailers in comparison

Loading capacity (pallets)

Ladekapazität (Paletten)

Kilometers traveled

Gefahrene km

Fuel consumption (liters)

Treibstoffverbrauch (Liter)
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