Care in
the square


Roland Held, Head Corporate  Human Resources

Roland Held,
Head Corporate
Human Resources

At Geberit, good solutions have always been further developed and perfected. This generates a continuous supply of know-how, which in turn leads to new innovations. First-class employees are essential in this regard.

In the past, Geberit exercised reserve when communicating its own strengths as an employer. However, global competition for the best talent calls for a prominent employer brand. As a result, Geberit is now going on the offensive on the employment market.

At the same time, our existing employees continue to drive the issue of sustainability. In 2012, for example, this included an innovative energy supply concept and continuous optimizations in logistics operations.

With its resource-efficient products, Geberit is also a fixture once again in some of the world’s top buildings and global aid projects – such as this year’s project in South Africa. After all, this too falls under our “Care in the square” concept.


Sustainability has many faces: