Logistics as a
core competence


The centrally organized distribution of goods is beneficial to all concerned, customers in particular. That was the thinking behind a decision, taken about six years ago, to upgrade the logistics know-how of the Geberit Group in line with today’s requirements. A concept was developed with the aim to show how future logistics systems could increase the efficiency of various processes.

This master plan led to a radical restructuring of Group logistics. Of all the measures adopted, the centerpiece is the new logistics center at Pfullendorf (DE) in the heart of Europe.

New logistics centre at Pfullendorf (DE)

The reorganized transport management system ensures streamlined, consolidated product deliveries to Geberit customers. That makes for maximum efficiency, but also greatly reduces CO2 emissions – benefitting the environment, our customers and Geberit itself.

Systematic implementation of continuous-flow manufacturing or lean production can greatly increase productivity. Logistics controlling ensures transparency in every part of the supply chain. Those are two further aspects which contributed to our logistics concept receiving the highly regarded German Logistics Prize for 2011.

A groundbreaking example of the way innovative strength and efforts to increase efficiency can pay off for Geberit and its customers – while also caring for the environment.

Logistics Prize


Logistics Prize of the German Logistics Association (BVL)

Geberit is the 2011 winner of the renowned Logistics Prize of the German Logistics Association (BVL). The aim of the association, which has more than 10,000 members, is to promote an integrated approach to logistics in all branches of industry and science.


Multiple deliveries to markets (diagram)

2010: Deliveries to the markets via the Central Warehouse in Pfullendorf (diagram)