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Population growth and rising living standards are putting increasing pressure on the world’s water resources. Political bodies, organizations and companies are all called on to focus their efforts on this crucial question: How do we save water?

Geberit lives up to its responsibilities and has long been seeking answers to this question in an effort that embraces all business units, as part of a corporate strategy that is based on sustainability. For example, in our commitment to clean drinking water and our partnership with the Swiss aid organization Helvetas, demonstrating that our social responsibility reaches beyond our core business.

A prime example of the effectiveness of our focus on sustainability is provided by durable products that save water throughout their life cycle. In the coming years, we will continue to develop innovations that guarantee efficient and careful use of the key resource of water.

This is what underpins and underwrites our success. Sustainable products are not only future oriented – they also ensure the future success of the company.

Geberit's Sigma 12 cm concealed cistern (UP320)
Certified – the Sigma 12 cm concealed cistern (UP320) is one of our water-saving products which bears the European WELL (Water Efficiency Label) certification
Geberit's Monolith sanitary module for WCs
Design prize – Geberit's Monolith sanitary module for WCs is a sophisticated, highly versatile alternative to traditional exposed cisterns which saves water with dual-flush technology – winner of the “iF product design award” for 2010.
Pneumatic urinal flushing control
Efficient – Pneumatic urinal flushing control is one of many Geberit products designed to ensure efficiency in water usage.
The touch-free, dual-flush (Mambo) mechanism
Hygienic – The touch-free, dual-flush (Mambo) mechanism of Geberit's Sigma 12 cm concealed cistern (UP320) ensures hygiene in public sanitary facilities while saving water.
The touch-free 185/186 lavatory taps
Responsible – The touch-free 185/186 lavatory taps combine cutting-edge technology with attractive design, ensuring sparing use of water.
“As consumption increases, the attention of investors and consumers will increasingly turn to the subject of water conservation.”
Peter Stolz, Head of Quality, Safety and Environment at Steiner AG, a leading general contractor in the Swiss construction industry


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Annual savings from Geberit’s worldwide “fleet of cisterns” using dual-flush and flush-stop technology, compared with traditional 9-liter flushing systems